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One-Mile Stretch in Philadelphia Has 55 Woman-Owned Businesses

A lot of women nowadays have been empowered to start their own business. East Passyunk Avenue, a one-mile stretch in Philadelphia, can really attest to that. With more than 55 and still growing woman-owned businesses, it definitely is thriving.
A recent survey by the Census Bureau discovered that at least 55 of the restaurants, salons, shops, and other business on the one-mile-long avenue from Federal to Broad Streets in South Philadelphia are run by women.

Pam Zenzola, the head of the commercial avenue's business improvement district, said that it was about 35 percent of the total, much higher than the 18.5 percent across the whole city are owned by women. She added, "I looked around and I said, 'Wow, we really do have a lot of women who own businesses here, and the interest has not slowed down.'"

In the past 10 years, the district has undergone a reinvention. From restaurants with woman owners and chefs to handmade craft makers to distilleries and liquor shops. They join the 30-year-old wedding shops and boutiques in the area.

As a result, the district is not just an area of business but they have developed a sisterhood of some sorts, where they swap recommendations for OB/GYNs, plumbers and where they can trust their storefronts whenever they have to fetch their kid or do something else.

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