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PeopleFund Offers Special Interest Rate Discounts for Women-Owned Businesses

PeopleFund provides flexible loans to small businesses, start-ups, and nonprofit organizations across Texas. They are known for their special interest rate discounts for women-owned businesses, like a 2 percent interest rate reduction for all loans to women-owned businesses of $100,000 or less.

Women-owned businesses often struggle to obtain capital to start or expand their businesses. PeopleFund is one lender that not only works with women who own their own businesses but also offers reductions on interest rates. Financing is available for equipment purchases, working capital, and revolving lines of credit. There are no pre-payment penalties, and the underwriting is flexible.

A non-profit lender specializing in women-owned businesses

PeopleFund is not a bank but a nonprofit lender and certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). The financial institution has loaned over $45,000,000 to more than 620 unique small business owners and nonprofits, creating 3,000 jobs across Texas. Their business clients consist of 40 percent women-owned, 62 percent minority-owned, 54 percent low-moderate income clients, and 18 percent nonprofits.

PeopleFund is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Mission, San Antonio, and El Paso. PeopleFund is a business lender that specializes in serving small businesses that are owned by women, veterans, minorities and low-income entrepreneurs.

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