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Melinda Gates Considering Her Own Venture Capital Fund for Female Entrepreneurs

No one is more concerned about the lack of females in tech fields than Melinda Gates. As a staunch supporter of women's empowerment, she is equally concerned about funding for female entrepreneurs. Recently she make it publicly known that she wants to do something about it, including starting her own venture capital fund for female entrepreneurs.

Gates spoke recently at the tenth-anniversary celebration for the University of Washington’s Department of Global Health. Last fall, she announced two initiatives; to bring more women into computer science, and to increase funding for more women entrepreneurs. She addressed these topics again at the Global Health summit, adding that she is considering her own venture- capital fund for female entrepreneurs.

Women's issues a priority with Gates

As Gates pointed out, “Less than 5 percent of companies that get VC funding are led by women, and that’s a problem,” she said. Last year, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced nineteen grants totaling $24 million in support of innovative approaches to improving the lives and well-being of women and girls around the globe. Melinda herself quietly established a new organization called Pivotal Ventures, an independent executive office that will give her an opportunity to pursue projects close to her heart, and women's issues will certainly be a priority.

Gates has not only fully demonstrated her interest and initiatives to help women, but she is now zeroing in on specific areas where she can help. With Gates driving the charge, expect to see more about her venture capital fund for female entrepreneurs.

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