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Facebook Launches A Platform To Train Women Business Owners In The Middle East

Facebook has partnered with three organizations to train 10,000 women business owners in the Arab world in one year. Facebook's plan is to empower women in the Middle East through more economic independence.

The empowerment is linked to the number of unregistered businesses run by women in the Middle East. According to Facebook, 63 percent of women in Saudi Arabia run unregistered businesses. If these businesses were counted, they would add an additional $12 trillion to the Gross National Product (GNP) by 2025, according to Facebook.

Training programs to launch in Saudia Arabia

So, Facebook is partnering with Sheraa Sharjah and Emirates Foundation in the UAE, and Ahead of the Cure in Egypt, to launch programs in Saudia Arabia that will help more women develop online businesses. While it's true that many women are using social media to brand their businesses, they are not using it correctly.

The training program will help women learn how to use social media to grow their businesses. The more women-owned businesses in Saudia Arabia who take advantage of the programs, the more their businesses will thrive and the more empowered women in the Middle East will become.