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This Senator is Proposing Two Bills That Will Promote Women in STEM Fields

Sen. Mazie K. Hirono recently proposed two bills that will create competitive grant programs to promote more women and minorities in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics.) Both bills are aimed at eliminating barriers to women pursuing careers in STEM areas.

Economic future depends on more women in STEM

Together, the two bills, the STEM Opportunities Act and the Women and Minorities in STEM Booster Act, will not only provide more research on federal programs and grants but will also create more grant programs to promote more women and minorities in STEM.

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas) points out that the bills are important to the economy. As he explains, the issue "goes beyond enabling individuals to fulfill their dreams of becoming a scientist.” “Our economic future relies on what we do now to nurture the STEM talent."

Means more grants 

If the bills pass, it will mean more grants to universities and non-profit organizations to mentor more women pursuing careers in the STEM fields.