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Why Women Entrepreneurs Can Count On "Count Me In" For Support


Count Me In For Women's Economic Independence is the nation's leading not-for-profit organization that provides tools, resources, and community support for women entrepreneurs. The nonprofit, founded in 1999, has helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs seeking to grow their micro businesses into million dollar enterprises.

Count Me In is one of the two organizations (the other one is Capitol One) that organizes the annual Women Veteran Entrepreneur Corp (WVEC) Small Business Competition. The annual competition invites participants to pitch their businesses in two minutes for a chance to participate in a nine-month business accelerator program.


Last August, the nonprofit hosted a live webinar, "From Micro to Millions: How to Scale Your Business to Achieve the Revenue You Want." Count Me In first began as the first online microlender, and in the following years began to focus on providing the education and resources women need to grow their businesses and find funding from other sources.

Growing partnerships

Since then, the organization has established partnerships with American Express' OPEN credit card as well as the QVC network and Cisco Systems to provide marketing and technological support for women entrepreneurs. In 2005, they launched the "Make Mine a Million $ Business Competition" — known informally as "M3" — in cities such as Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Long Beach, California; Atlanta, Georgia; and New York, New York.

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