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President Trump Wants to Eliminate These 5 Programs That Offer Support and Grants to Women

Donald Trump with a smirk

According to exit polls, 53 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump. In light of Trump's recent budget cut plans that will eliminate five federally funded programs that serve women, as well as minorities and low-income people, you have to wonder how that same 53 percent would vote today.
What Trump wants to eliminate

In the interest of budget cuts, Trump wants to cut out these 5 programs, affecting women and others:

#1 - The Office on Violence Against Women:
 this office was created in 1995 to fight against domestic and sexual violence and offer support aid to survivors. The elimination of this program would end grant programs from the office that provide a wide range of services, from counseling and advocacy to housing for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Since the office was created, the Department of Justice reports that intimate partner violence decreased 64 percent between 1994 and 2010.

#2 - The Minority Business Administration: operating under the Department of Commerce, this office offers a range of programs that benefit minority business owners, including counseling, training workshops, and management and technical guidance. The office also provides access to government contracting opportunities and helps business owners get funding and other resources.

#3 - The Economic Development Agency: helps create jobs and programs for low-income people, including investing millions of dollars in manufacturing and other industries across the U.S. The agency recently granted $2.1 million to the state of North Carolina to support a local bio-tech company's expansion efforts, which will result in creating jobs and investment opportunities.

#4 - The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services: otherwise known as COPS, this office within the Justice Department creates programs that help cultivate trust and respect between law enforcement and the communities they serve. By training officers to interact with civilians on a daily basis, the office's programs aim to establish substantial bonds between cops and communities, which will help to reduce crime.

#5 - The Legal Services Corporation: this state corporation provides low-income people with access to legal defense that they might not otherwise be able to afford. It has offices in every congressional district to serve low-income people.