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Beer Is Not Just For Men -- Ask Professional Brewer Kim Collins

Indiana native Kim Collins has been brewing beer since 2012 for 5 breweries in Colorado. Her company is Guardian Brewing Company where she has made over 100 unique craft beers, including joining 5 other breweries in creating special Inauguration Day beers.

The "lady-brewed beer" for Trump's inauguration is actually not for the Prez but a show of support to "marginalized communities." The women-owned breweries believe these groups are the ones who will be at risk under Trump's administration.

Collins became interested in beer when she played for Indiana University Women's Rugby Club. Playing matches across the Midwest gave her an opportunity to try various beers from local breweries. She found them to be better than domestic beers.

Education and experience

So after receiving her Brewing and Malting certificate from the MBAA (Masters Brewing Association of the Americas) in 2012, she ended up back in Colorado to apprentice with Tommyknocker Brewing. Following her apprenticeship, Kim was able to brew craft beer for Boulder Beer, Epic Brewing Denver, Barrels & Bottles Brewery, and Wynkoop Brewing in Colorado.

Currently, Kim is earning a Certificate in the “Business of Craft Brewing” from Portland State University. She plans to complet her studies in the spring of 2017. She is also a Certified Cicerone, which means she is able to pair food and beer, like a wine sommelier does. Her goal is to "keep educating myself to be a better brewer."

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