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This New Fund Will Give Grants to Women Owned Businesses in Wisconsin

Non-profit organization, Doyenne Group, has just started a new fund called Evergreen Fund that is going to represent a promising new source of funding for businesses owned by women and minorities in Wisconsin. The woman-owned Madison, Wisconsin company hopes to change the face of small business in the state.

The new fund will provide loans, grants, and angel investments to businesses owned by women and people of color. Co-founder Heather Wentler knows how important these funds are for women and minorities who are too often not recognized or taken seriously in the business world.

Doyenne was founded in 2012 by Heather Wentler and Amy Gannon. The name of the company comes from the word doyenne, which means 'a woman who is a knowledgeable, respected, prominent, person in a particular field or profession.'

The nonprofit is funded by $1.2 million received from corporations and the city of Madison to start the fund. To learn more about the company and how to apply for funding, visit