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Woman-owned Vodka Brand Inspires Women to Pursue Their Business Goals

Kjersten Merila is one of the very few women who own their own liquor brand, let alone their own brand of vodka. The liquor business is still male-dominated. That's why Merila decided to use some of her profits to help other women in start-up businesses.

How it all started

Merila and her husband discussed the idea after returning from a trip where they visited distilleries. The dream was there, but this time, they decided to make the dream a reality. The result is a vodka brand named Her Spirit. The vodka will be bottled and packaged in the St. Paul, Minnesota area and available for sale around first quarter of 2017.

It's a dream come true for Merila. But equally important to her is helping other women fulfill their dreams of owning their own business. She will be donating half of her profits from the business to help other women start their own businesses. As she explained, “I want this to be bigger than myself.”

Merila knew the importance of not letting the dream die. When she and her husband returned from their trip, she resolved not to give up the dream but to pursue it.

It's all about women helping other women, as far as Merila is concerned. I guess you could say, owning your own businesses, like vodka, is not just for men.