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How is Helping Women Entrepreneurs Be More Successful

Amazon, the largest Internet-based retailer in the world, attracts 300 million shoppers from 185 countries. Women-owned businesses sell products in 25 product categories on Amazon’s marketplace. Amazon wants to help them build their businesses and become even more successful.

How Amazon is helping women-owned businesses

Amazon recently held its very first Women’s Entrepreneur Conference in Seattle, Washington, where the entire focus was on building relationships with women entrepreneurs. Why? Amazon knows that women-owned businesses are growing five times faster than other businesses overall, and Amazon feels that by helping women entrepreneurs become more successful, they are also building more inventory on Amazon.

The conference included speeches by Amazon sellers and executives, and workshops -- all designed to give women more information about how to grow their businesses globally, plan inventory, determine pricing, and monitor their businesses.

One key area of interest for women was Amazon’s new business marketplace where sellers can register as women-owned businesses. This is where government agencies and contractors go to purchase products from women-, minority- and veteran-owned businesses (government agencies and their contractors are required to maintain a certain percentage of their spending with women-, minority- and veteran-owned businesses).

Amazon ideal for women

Selling products through an Internet-based retailer like Amazon appeals to many businesses because business owners can leave the marketing, warehousing, packing and shipping to Amazon. For Amazon, it makes sense to go after women-owned businesses as a high-growth segment that will not only increase diversity among their merchants but boost their business in the long run.