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Women With These Degrees Can Easily Get Jobs

Long gone are the days when women only pursued careers in traditional areas like teaching, nursing, administrative assistants and clerks. These are still considered traditional occupations for women. Women who pursue degrees in "non-traditional" areas, however, not only earn more money but can easily get jobs.

"Non-traditional" degrees

Degrees in areas such as engineering and computer sciences are considered non-traditional because these occupations are still dominated by men. In fact, careers in the STEM fields -- science, technology, engineering and mathematics -- are still largely represented by men. But women who pursue careers in these fields and are talented can easily get jobs.

Two reasons for this are 1) STEM jobs are so much in demand, and 2) an increasing amount of companies are increasing gender diversity in their workforce, which means they are open to hiring both men and women who can do the job.

Things to consider

There are some challenges to consider. Although STEM jobs are more lucrative, women may discover that they are being offered less money than a man competing for the same job. In addition, women in STEM fields are still underrepresented, which means they may need to learn how to work effectively in male-dominated environments, including potential male co-workers or supervisors who are not totally on board with women in tech fields.

Should this stop women from pursuing the degrees that hold out more promise for larger salaries and more available jobs? Absolutely not! It's a smart and bold move that many women are making because they know, as a recent CNN article stated it, "it can be a huge asset to their bottom line."