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From Healthcare to Haircare -- How This Former Nurse Built a Profitable Haircare Business from YouTube

Courtney Adeleye, founder of Mane Choice
Many entrepreneurial businesses are successfully launched because the owner wants to solve a problem. If they are very good problem-solvers, the customers will come. That was the case with former nurse, Courtney Adeleye, who was just trying to get her natural hair healthy. Little did she know that her hobby would turn into a full-fledged business.

From health care to hair care

Adeleye, like many black women, decided to go natural with her hair. After accidentally damaging her hair with a coloring product, she began to investigate products that would be good for her natural tresses. She experimented with the products on her own hair, then decided to share this information with others on YouTube. Although her original intent was to simply share a good thing, her followers soon began asking for the product.

So she bottled her product, gave it a solid name -- Mane Choice -- and took the time to create a professional presentation for her product, including a web site and product label. That was the moment when things really started rolling. She received more and more orders, which she was trying to fulfill and ship out of her home. But due to the volume, she was told she could not legally continue to run a business of this size out of her home. Next, she got a warehouse, but within two months, her warehouse was full.

Still surprised at the results

Even as her first orders were coming in, Adeleye did not think her product line would be as successful as it became. It still surprises her. In a recent interview with Black Enterprise, Adeleye attributed her success to making sure her product was perfect before launching her line. Once the product it out there, you can't go back. Her advice to other entrepreneurs is to take the time to do it right the first time.

She is also adamant about providing a good product for her customers. She tests all products on her own hair to make sure they are good. All her products are high-quality hair products that contain all the nutrients needed to grow and retain healthy hair. They can be purchased online or at Sally Beauty Supply Stores, Rite Aid Pharmacy stores, and soon Target.

Learn more about her company, Mane Choice, by visiting