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4 Ways For Women-Owned Businesses To Find Grants

4 Ways For Women-Owned Businesses To Find Grants
Grants are like free money. They are offered by many organizations, corporations and others to encourage growth in areas that are important to the donor. They don't have to be paid back, so it's a great way to keep from going into further debt when starting or growing a business. They are hard to find, but don't give up. Grants for women are available. You just have to know where to look.

How to find grants earmarked for women-owned businesses

Look at local sources - start locally and look at local sources. This includes both state and local government. Check out SBA-sponsored Small Business Development Centers in your area for help and information.

Research organizations - many organizations offer grants to women-owned businesses. Read the local business section of the paper for news on recent awards by local organizations. Get to know the people at these organizations and let them get to know you because sometimes they will not accept unsolicited inquiries.

Apply to many - you may have to keep applying before you are actually awarded a grant, so it's a good idea to widen your search and apply to several sources. It's a matter of numbers. The more you apply, the more you will increase your chances of getting a grant.

Look at non-cash grants, too - some organizations offer services or products instead of money. These are great options because it represents money you can save on products or services for your business.