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U.S. Ranks #1 in Women Entrepreneurs -- But It's Not All Good News

U.S. Ranks #1 in Women Entrepreneurs -- But It's Not All Good News
Although the U.S. ranks number one for women entrepreneurs, above other countries, even the U.S. does not get a perfect score of 100 for growth, according to Dell. The technology leader recently evaluated women entrepreneurs across 31 countries, and no one got a perfect score of 100. Even the U.S. scored at just 71.

What the score means

At a recent Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Summit, Dell released the results of their first Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard. The evaluations were based on 5 key factors, including business environments, resources, potential for growth, leadership, and pipelines for more women entrepreneurs. Dell scored only 9 of the 31 countries above 50, which included the U.S. at the highest score of 71.

What does this mean?

According to Dell, it means that as far as the growth of women entrepreneurs, there remain factors that are stifling their growth. They still lack sufficient funding, education, and training. Even though the business climate in the U.S. is the best overall for women, compared to other countries, women-owned businesses are still not getting enough government contracts, and their numbers in leadership positions at companies both large and small are not enough.

The research behind Dell's scorecard was done by George Mason University in Washington, D.C. and used several sources. Countries that scored 50 or above included:

  • U.S. - 71
  • Canada and Australia - 69
  • Sweden - 68
  • UK - 65
  • France - 62
  • Germany - 61
  • Poland - 56
  • Chile - 51