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Why California and Colorado Are the Best Places for Women Entrepreneurs

Best Places for Women Entrepreneurs

Success for women-owned small businesses depends upon many factors, one of which is location, location, location. NerdWallet, a personal finance and information service company that provides info and tools to help entrepreneurs and consumers make financial decisions, recently did a study on the best places for women entrepreneurs to start a business. What they found was amazing.

Top 10 places for women business owners are in Colorado and California

Amazingly, out of the top 10 places that present the best opportunities for women entrepreneurs, 7 are located in the states of Colorado and California. So, here are the top 10 best places for women-owned businesses, according to NerdWallet.
  1. Boulder, Colorado
  2. Bridgeport, Connecticut
  3. Denver, Colorado
  4. Santa Cruz, California
  5. Santa Rosa, California
  6. San Luis Obispo, California
  7. San Francisco, California
  8. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  9. Portland, Maine
  10. Fort Collins, Colorado

What makes Colorado and California better?

Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins all have higher levels of women-owned businesses. Boulder, for example, is ranked #1 in the number of women-owned businesses per 100 residents. Colorado also offers favorable, small-business loan rates. California has annual incomes for women that are higher than the national average. In addition, the California cities listed have more women-owned businesses per 100 residents than other states.

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