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Tulsa Woman Business Owner Finds "Sweet" Success By Combining Her Business Goals With Helping Others

Heather Matheson has found the perfect job. She gets to bake cookies every day and help others at the same time. Her business is fittingly called Peace, Love & Cookies because her business helps women who are in recovery programs.

Combining work and philanthropy

Heather spent 20 years working in the social services industry and wanted a change that would allow her to spend more time with her sons. Oklahoma law allowed her to bake out of her own kitchen, but as her cookie delivery business grew, she needed more space. Tulsa's Women in Recovery at Family and Children's Services offered the solution. She could use their much bigger kitchen to bake cookies, and the women in the recovery program help her prepare and package the cookies.

A win/win combination

The Women in Recovery Program helps women who have been incarcerated for non-violent offenses, many of which are substance-abuse related. The Peace, Love & Cookies program often results in reduced prison terms for women participating in the program, and getting involved in Matheson's cookie business also helps the women focus on something positive. It's a win/win combination.

Heather donates 10 percent of her profits to help women who are in recovery programs. She is also a good role model for the women, who are responding well to the program. As one participant expressed, "It's amazing to see how many people want us to succeed in life."

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