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Women Rule in Real Estate

Women Rule in Real Estate
Just as there are industries dominated by men, such as construction and engineering, there are also industries dominated by women. Real estate is one that is dominated by women. But it's complicated.

More women in real estate than men

First, there definitely are more women in the real estate industry than there are men. Across all states in the U.S., there are more women than men making a living by selling real estate. There are other interesting comparisons of women vs men when it comes to the real estate industry. Here are just a few.

  • There are anywhere from 48 - 64 percent greater numbers of women than men in the real estate business.
  • Male real estate agents list more homes for sale than female agents -- on average, 25 listings versus 11 listings by female agents.
  • Women list homes on the market at a higher price than men. Women list homes 40 - 63 percent higher than men.
  • Women sell homes faster because they are more willing to negotiate, according to research by Zillow.

So, here's the question...

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, what is more important? Is it choosing a real estate agent who has the most listings, or is it choosing an agent who will sell a home faster and at a higher price? In these categories, women win hands down.

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