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More Than Half Of All Restaurants Are Owned By Women!

There May Be More Male Cooks In The Kitchen, But More Than Half Of All Restaurants Are Owned By Women!
Sally Smith, CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings
The numbers are in, and the National Restaurant Association reports that now more than half of all restaurant owners in America are women. In fact, not only more women but also more minorities are becoming restaurant owners/entrepreneurs.

Chefs vs owners

Depending on who you ask, men chefs outnumber female chefs as much as 10:1. Even though women do most of the cooking in the home, more men are professional cooks or chefs. But here's a good question: As a female, would you rather run the kitchen or the entire company? The answer goes without saying.

Check out these 5 female executives of very popular restaurant chains:

  1. Cinnabon - this popular American chain of large cinnamon rolls and other baked goods is headed by its President Kat Cole.
  2. Jack In The Box - this popular San Diego-based chain, which has 2,200 restaurants in 19 states, is led by Linda Lang, the company's CEO and president.
  3. McDonald's - Jan Fields is president of McDonalds's USA.
  4. Buffalo Wild Wings - Sally Smith has been the company's CEO since 1994.
  5. Popeyes - Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. (the company that owns Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits) - Cheryl Bachelder is president of Popeyes and CEO of AFC Enterprises, Inc., the company that owns Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

Too many cooks in the kitchen? That's OK. Women would rather be in the board room!!