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Imagine a Fashion Show That Uses Role Models, Not Fashion Models, on the Runway

Fashion Designer Gets Real By Using Role Models on the Runway

For more than 100 years, fashion models have created controversy because of the image they portray to vulnerable young girls and the rest of the population. Their bodies have become thinner and thinner, sending the message that in order to be fashionable, you must be skinny. One fashion designer has taken fashion modeling back to reality by featuring real women, not models.

Role models vs. runway models

Fashion designer Carrie Hammer made the decision two years ago to use role models rather than fashion models on her runway show. Why? She wanted to empower women everywhere by sending the message that beauty comes from what you accomplish, not by how you look. So, she is using corporate CEOs, writers, actresses and entrepreneurs as runway models. The reaction has been overwhelming.

All of the women that Carrie uses in her "Role Models Not Runway Models" annual New York runway show are successful women in their own right. She has also used disabled women and women with Downs Syndrome as models. Why? She explains, "It's time to see not just diversity -- but reality." She adds, "I think it's important that women understand that beauty comes from power, personality, and accomplishments."

Keep it real, Carrie Hammer!

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