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New Birth Control App Claims to be an All-Natural, 99.9% Effective Way of Preventing Unwanted Pregnancies

Natural Cycles app

A new app called Natural Cycles created by two physicists in Sweden is aimed specifically at preventing pregnancy, and the creators claim it can identify a woman's non-fertile days when she is 99.9 percent safe to have unprotected sex without conceiving.

Available in the iTunes app store and Google Play, the app uses "statistics and analytics instead of chemicals or surgical procedures in order to prevent pregnancies." In this way, the app supposedly tracks your period, finds the ovulation day for you, predicts your fertile days and provides you with a menstrual/fertility calendar.

Oh but it's not free!

The app is free to download, but users have to pay about $70 per year for a high-tech version of the temperature method of fertility awareness.

So how does it work?

It takes just three simple steps everyday:

1) Measure your basal body temperature during 30 sec, before starting with your day.
To perform a temperature measurement, place the thermometer underneath the tongue as far back in the mouth as possible, and try to keep still while measuring and close your mouth and breath with the nose in order to not let in too much cool ai

2) Measure LH
This is optional, but it is recommended to combine the thermometer measurements with testing the LH hormone with ovulation test strips the days before expected ovulation. This is not mandatory but will better isolate the fertile window and yield more green days.

3) Add the data into the app

Needed data includes your measured temperature, whether or not your are menstruating, the results from your ovulation test, whether or not you had intercourse that day, and other relevant notes (if needed).

Next, you will be shown your results which consists of a Status bar, showing your fertility status for today and prediction for the upcoming week; a Calendar view, showing your fertility status on a calendar for the past, for today, and predictions for up to 5 cycles into the future; and a Graph view, showing your temperature evolution over time in a two-dimensional graph.

Just that simple!

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