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New Book Gives Women Instant Access To Millions of Dollars in Grants That Are Real

2015 Grants, Scholarships and More For Women
Small business owners have a tough job looking for grants and other money to fund their enterprises. Women have an even tougher job. Now there is a new book on the market that may help women across the country find legitimate grants to start or expand their businesses.

What the book offers

The book is entitled 2015 Grants, Scholarships and More For Women and it's published by Go Girl Books. It's an e-book that can be downloaded onto the computer and contains 78 pages of information on real grants and other types of funding. It is designed to help women who are looking to start or expand their business or non-profit organization, or looking for scholarship money and other financial assistance to attend college.

Why the book is important

Women and other minorities have to fight hard to obtain financial help in starting a business of their own. And there are so many scams out there that it takes time to sift through what is real and what is not. The truth is that grants are available, and the book is designed to direct women to where they can find them, whether they are offered by foundations, corporations, individuals and organizations, and even by the government. The good news is that is only cost $4.95 to download the e-book to a computer, smartphone or tablet.

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