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Kentucky Training Program for Women and Minority Entrepreneurs Teaches Them How to Run And Grow A Business

There's a big difference between knowing how to do what you do in your career field and actually running a business in that industry. As a business owner, women and minorities in particular can use all the help they can get in learning how to step from business employee to business owner. In the state of Kentucky, the Lexington Minority and Women Contractor Training Program may be just the thing they need.

The Lexington Minority and Women Contractor Training Program is a 10-week teaching and training program designed for women and minorities who already own their own business but want to learn how to grow and take that business even further. The program meets just once a week but packs a lot of training into that time span. Business owners will learn how to manage cash flow, how to keep financial records, payroll practices, and even contracts. These are just some of the important skills necessary to run a successful businesses.

In addition, the program will teach entrepreneurs how to certify their business. This is an important step if they want to land local, state or even federal contracts where the real money is. The program does not include a certification program but will educate entrepreneurs on how to earn those certificates.

Businesses who qualify to sign up for the program must be at least 51 percent owned by a woman or minority. After the course is completed, there will be follow-up sessions offered at the  Procurement Technical Assistance Center, the Small Business Development Center, or the Minority Business Enterprise program at the local government. The deadline to sign up is December 1, 2014; the program begins in January, 2015.

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