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President Obama Nominates First Ever African-American Woman for Attorney General Position

Loretta Lynch

President Obama has nominated Loretta Lynch, a New York federal prosecutor, to be the next U.S. Attorney General. Once confirmed, Lynch will become the very first African-American women in history to hold this position.

Lynch's background

Lynch grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina, and became interested in law as she listened to her grandfather's stories of blacks who had little protection under the law. She later graduated from Harvard Law School and became the U.S. attorney for eastern New York, where she was elected for two terms. As a federal prosecutor, Lynch has gained much experience in federal civil rights cases, as well as prosecuting terrorists, mobsters and both Democratic and Republican public officials.


Her experience has gained the confidence of President Obama, who stated, “I can think of no better public servant to be the next attorney general.” She has also received very positive comments from both Democratic and Republican officials. Supportive remarks such as “Loretta Lynch is an extraordinarily talented attorney, a dedicated public servant, and a leader of considerable experience and consummate skill,” seem to make her confirmation more than likely.

Lynch's response: “I will wake up every morning with the protection of the American people my first thought.”

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