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Top 25 U.S. Companies For Black Women

CareerBuilder recently published a list of the top 25 companies for black women. The list is an annual rating of companies that have been researched by Essence Magazine for their reputation of hiring and promoting black women.

These companies were nominated by research firms, headhunters and other organizations. The list was then submitted to further scrutiny to make sure they were indeed initiating programs that support black women. The result was 25 cream-of-the-crop organizations that practice what they preach. Below is a preview of some of the companies that made the list.

1. Aetna, Inc., Hartford

Aetna not only has strong networking opportunities for black women but they also offer leadership development training for black women in midlevel positions.

2. Citigroup, New York

Citigroup has black women in leadership positions, including Ann Dibble Jordan who sits on the board of directors, and Leah Johnson, senior vice-president, global corporate affairs. Citigroup has more than 15 black women at the company who are in senior management positions.

3. The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta

Coca-Cola has strong partnerships with the National Black MBA Association which enables the company to search for experienced black women.

4. Colgate-Palmolive Co., New York

Colgate-Palmolive's list of black women in senior positions include Marsha E. Butler, D.D.S., senior executive and vice-president of global oral health and professional relations.

5. Comcast, Philadelphia

At Comcast, 40 percent of their staff represents people of color. In addition, they have black women in senior management positions, including Charrisse Lillie who is vice-president of human resources, and senior vice-president, Comcast Cable.

To review the entire list of all 25 companies, visit