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100 Best Companies for Working Mothers

Working mother

Being a working mother is hard. Contrary to popular belief, working mothers can't have it all. They, above all others, know that choices and sacrifices need to be made on a regular basis in order for them to be able to juggle their roles both at work and at home.

In order for it all to work requires an equitable distribution of responsibilities at home. It also helps tremendously when women work at companies that provide more flexibility for working mothers.

The importance of flexibility

Flexibility in getting the job done at work can often make or break a career for working mothers. This is why more and more companies are recognizing the huge benefits that can be received if they provide more flexible benefits for working mothers and parents. To give you an idea of what some of those benefits are, the Working Mother Research Institute revealed what working moms stated were their top 5 most important benefits. They included:
  • 57 percent - Flexible work hours
  • 51 percent - Ability to use sick leave to care for children
  • 36 percent - Stable or predictable work hours
  • 24 percent - Choice for part-time work
  • 23 percent - Paid maternity leave
Based on this information, Working Mother Magazine recently published their 2013 Working Mother Best Companies list.

The top 10 on the list includes: 

#1 - Abbott
#2 - Deloitte
#3 - EY
#4 - General Mills
#5 - IBM
#6 - KPMG
#7 - Procter and Gamble
#8 - Prudential Financial
#9 - PwC
#10 - WellStar Health System.

To see the full list of 100 best companies for working mothers, visit