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HGTV Reality Show Tough As Nails Shows Just How Tough A Woman Can Be In The Construction Industry!

Meet Cindy Stumpo. Cindy is the owner of C. Stumpo Development, a privately owned, custom home builder that builds custom homes in Eastern Massachusetts. But don't let her beauty fool you. As one of the most successful residential contractors in Massachusetts, Cindy has proven over and over that she is tough as nails.

Cindy has made a name for herself in one of the toughest male-dominated businesses. She had to learn much on her own because most men were not that accepting to a woman in the construction industry. In an interview with Forbes Magazine in 2012, Cindy described how she had to work "harder and longer than my doubters. Over time, I earned their grudging respect."

An early plan becomes a reality

As a young girl, Cindy's dreams were not like other girls. No ballerina or actress fantasies for her. She wanted to build homes. By the time she was 24, she built and sold her first home. The rest is a dream come true.

A family business

Cindy is not the only tough woman at her company. She is grooming her daughter Samantha to eventually take over the business, teaching her everything she knows about the building industry. Cindy's mother, Beverly, is the office receptionist who keeps things organized, and Cindy also relies on her 95-year-old grandmother for advice on work as well as her personal life.

Cindy's advice to other women

Cindy hopes that other women will be empowered from her example and pursue their chosen profession, no matter what it is. She adds, "I welcome them to join me in the construction business." It was Cindy's example of a successful woman in a male-dominated profession, and her tenacity to pursue her dreams, that were the basis for her successful HGTV show Tough As Nails. Watch Tough as Nails, Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c, on HGTV.

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