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Dallas Women's Foundation Grants -- A Good Example of Women Supporting Women

Dallas Women's Foundation
The Dallas Women's Foundation is a non-profit organization whose philosophy is to strengthens entire communities by increasing investments in women and girls and empowering women's philanthropy. They remain true to their mission by awarding grants of over $23 to non-profits who help create opportunities and solve issues for women and girls.

Most recent awards totaled $3.1 million

Recently, the organization awarded $3.1 million in grants to nonprofits in Northern Texas, including one grant of $100,000 and another grant of $120,000. The most recent grants were to non-profit organizations whose services targeted women ages 18 through 34, and organizations helping women age 55 and older. The money will be used by organizations to help low-income women start new businesses, and also provide older women with job training.

The organization's impact 

In 2014 alone, the organization increased its funding by an additional $600,000. They have made a tremendous impact over the past 29 years to improve education and quality of life for women and girls and cultivate women leaders for the future.

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