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She Taxi - India's First Ever 24/7 Women Only Taxi Service

Gender equality took a giant step forward recently in India with the launching of its first women-owned, women-operated, women-only cab service. The program was initiated by the government and provides not only safe transportation for women but also provides a thriving entrepreneur opportunity for women.

The all-women She Taxi service began first in Trivandrum in 2013. What started out as five cabs quickly grew to 20 cabs providing transportation for more than 9,000 passengers. The service will be expanded to Kochi in May, becoming the second city in Kerala to have She Taxis.

The She Taxi service gives women an opportunity to establish their own equity by becoming entrepreneurs who can earn a monthly income. The pink-and-white customized cabs are attracting so many customers that the government is considering expanding the service to Calicut and other locations.

The important benefit of the new taxi service is what it provides for women in India. Each driver earns a monthly income of more than 20,000 Rupees ($1 U.S. = 58.5850 Indian Rupees.) As the Additional Chief Secretary of the Department of Social Justice, K. M. Abraham, explains it, "She Taxi has opened up a whole new avenue of employment for women,” "It is going to transform the lives of thousands of women in Kerala."

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