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Women-Owned Businesses Get A Fair Shake From United Airlines

Every year, the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) honors top companies who are recognized for their world-class supplier diversity programs. One of those top corporations, and the only airlines to receive the recognition, is United Airlines.

United's diversity program

United has a diversity program that goes way beyond suppliers. In fact, it permeates the entire organization. From employees to suppliers and business partners, United makes sure everyone gets a fair shake. Says United's vice president of technical procurement Katrina Manning, "We've made it our priority to ensure that small, minority-, and women-owned suppliers have access to opportunities with United."

The prestigious WBENC award of "America's Top Corporations for Women's Business Enterprises" earned United the distinction of being the only airline to be recognized for the award. But the company's recognition has been earned by other organizations, too. This includes Corporation of the Year by the Minority Supplier Diversity Council. WBENC is a non-profit organization and leader is supporting business development for women and is also a certifier of women-owned and operated businesses.

United practices what they preach

United's Supplier Diversity Initiative ensures that diversity is practiced throughout all their business operations. The program works to provide plenty of opportunities for all companies to compete for their supplier business, including minority-, women-, veteran-, LGBT-owned enterprises and small businesses alike. It's part of who they are and what they believe is the right way to do business. As Manning explains it, "At United we believe diversity is one of our greatest strengths."