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Texas Women-Owned Businesses Exceed Those Owned By Men in Some Surprising Industries

According to a recent study by the Journal of Business Venturing, women-owned businesses in the state of Texas survive longer than those owned by men in 95 SIC codes (Standard Industrial Codes for types of businesses) representing 405,038 businesses, and in 76 zip codes, representing 86,946 businesses. The study involved one million businesses owned by Texans.

Businesses where women are stronger survivors

The types of businesses where women survive longer include schools and educational services, dance studios, drapery/curtain/upholstery, home furnishings, women's clothing, jewelry, florists, gift shops, hobby/toy/game stores, and women's accessories. However, areas that were surprising included:

  • Wholesale hardware stores
  • Liquor stores
  • Drinking establishments serving liquor
  • Advertising agencies
  • Commercial art and graphic design

Geographic areas where women are stronger survivors

What is also surprising and encouraging is that women-owned businesses represent a higher survival rate in larger cities. Larger cities was defined in the study as those with populations greater than 500,000, and women are doing well in the metro areas. These included Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin as well as medium-size cities that are considered suburbs of larger cities. These include Carrollton, Richardson, Plano, and Spring.

The study theorized that "urban areas are less bound by gender role traditionalism than rural areas." While this may indicate there is less gender segregation, it still shows that women in Texas are strong business survivors.

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