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The Top 25 Scholarships For Women

Top Scholarships For Women

Scholarships have become increasingly important to women who either plan to attend or want to remain in college. For some, it represents a make-or-break decision as to whether or not they are able to attend college. But finding scholarships and other education grants is a daunting task.

One web site,, is a very helpful online resource that assists students in locating scholarships and education grants for which they may qualify. The web site lists hundreds of scholarships available from companies, foundations, organizations, government agencies, and schools, and also sorts them by category and deadline date to help students find the one that is appropriate for them.

Recently, the web site published a list of the "Top 25 Scholarship Opportunities For Women". Women now make up about 58 percent of the nation's college students. Scholarships are extremely important for women. They are often struggling to balance work and family. Due to increases in college tuition, they need financial aid for college. The top 25 list helps them locate scholarships and grants that will give them the financial support they need.

Examples of some of the scholarships listed on include the AARP Foundation Women's Scholarship Program for women over 50, the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship for women majoring in computer science and engineering, and the Talbots Scholarship Program for women who graduated from high school 10 years ago and want to go back to college. The top 25 also includes scholarships for minority women, women with low incomes, and women studying in specific fields.

To see the full list of scholarships, visit: