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Pay Inequality For Women Depends on the Job -- These 10 Areas Have a Long Way to Go!

Women continue to struggle with pay inequalities. Progress has been made but the gap in pay between men and women still exists. How large the gap is depends on the occupation, as this list of  just 10 professions demonstrates.

  1. Appraisers, investigators and claims adjustors - women's weekly salaries ($803) average 69.3 percent of men's salaries ($1,158) in these same positions, even though women represent two thirds of the jobs in this area.
  2. Quality control inspectors and testers - women make an average of $570 a week, compared to men at $824. This is a 69.2 percent difference.
  3. Financial services - women hold about a third of these jobs, yet their salaries reflect a 69.1 percent difference from those paid to men. Average women's salaries are $862 a week compared to $1,247 for men.
  4. Marketing and sales - women are paid 67.7 percent of what men earn in this profession, $1,110 a week for women compared to $1,640 for men.
  5. Physicians and surgeons - this is one of highest paid careers yet women earn 67.6 percent of what male physicians and surgeons earn. This equates to about $1,418 a week for woman and 2,099 a week for men.
  6. Education administrators - these are the people who development education programs and train teachers. Although 65 percent in this profession are women, they earn only 67.2 percent of what men earn--$1,052 a week compared to $1,566.
  7. Financial advisers - women earn 66.3 percent of what men earn, or $1,016 a week compared to $1,532.
  8. Real estate - male real estate agents and brokers earn about $1,031 a week compared to $680 a week for women--a difference of 66 percent.
  9. Retail - this category lumps all retail sales together. While mean earn about $678 a week, women earn 64.3 percent of that, or $436 a week.
  10. Insurance - the gender wage gap in insurance is 62.5 percent. Men average $1,026 a week, and women earn about $641 a week.

According to these statistics from a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report, women still have a long way to go in order to receive equality in pay in many occupations today.