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Newman's Own Foundation Gives Grants to Organizations Helping Female Veterans

Newman’s Own Foundation
Newman’s Own Foundation, a non-profit started by the famous actor Paul Newman, has developed a fund of $300,000 that will be given to non-profit organizations across the country that help female veterans with career development. The grants will be awarded to more than 50 nonprofits over three years from 2012-2014.

The focus on women in the military serves to make more people aware of women as a growing segment in the military. These women face many serious challenges that include sexual assault in the military, post-traumatic stress, unemployment and homelessness. The grants award non-profits who take on the challenge of helping female veterans get back on their feet by offering career development services.

Paul Newman was not only an actor but also a philanthropist. His charities include helping not only female veterans but other military personnel, veterans, and their families as well.

Newman himself enlisted in the U.S. Navy after high school and served during World War II in the Pacific. The purpose of the grants is to to give back to those who served their country and to help the families of veterans who sacrificed their lives.

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