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Vermont Small Business Marketing Associates Gives Grants to Women in Business

Vermont Women Business Owners
Women business owners in Vermont are getting support for marketing their businesses through the Vermont Small Business Marketing Associates (VSBMA). The grants will pay for consulting in the areas of marketing communications and marketing development services from VSBMA.

Two Vermont Women Business Owners grants are being offered in November. The grants provide 8 hours of free marketing consulting. The sessions will be customized with the business owner's needs in mind, designing an integrated marketing communications program for their business. The deadline for this grant is October 31, 2013.

The organization is also planning to offer another grant in December with a similar in-kind free marketing consulting program. This grant is called the Vermont Small Business Digital Marketing Grant and will focus on digital marketing. The deadline for registering is November 30, 2013.

The company plans to offer more grants to small businesses in Vermont that are owned by women. VSBMA partners with local businesses in Vermont to offer grants to small businesses through free in-kind services from various companies. The combined efforts of VSBMA and local companies helps small businesses to thrive and grow alongside larger companies in Vermont.

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