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Ceres Foundation Grants

The Ceres FoundationPrivate foundations are often good sources of capital or grant funds for women-owned businesses and organizations. Most of these organizations are philanthropic and have particular types of projects or businesses for which they will award grants. One of those organizations is the Ceres Foundation.

The Ceres Foundation is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The foundation funds programs that change people's lives. Their mission statement identifies the types of programs they are looking for as those that help "disadvantaged youth and vulnerable families to develop and make full use of their potential, so that they will be able to pursue their highest ambitions, earn decent livings, enjoy healthy relationships, and fully participate in their communities."

The three areas of focus are education, workforce development and family strengthening programs. Examples would be mentoring programs that help disadvantaged youth get into college, work skills programs that teach young people skills that enable them to make a decent living, and family programs that keep families together by helping them solve family issues.

Small businesses may apply for grant funding by sending the foundation a description of the program, including budget, staff, services provided, description of target group or clients, amount of funding requested and how it will be used. Grant applications are reviewed in October, decisions are made in November, and grants are awarded in January of each year.

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