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Hacker School Grants for Women

Hacker School Grants for Women
Women who have a desire to improve their technical programming skills at Hacker School in New York are eligible for a $5,000 grant. The grant money helps pay for transportation and other costs involved in attending the three-month school.

Hacker School holds three sessions during the year, February - April, June - August, and October - December. The program is offered every four months in New York. Classes are project-based, and there are no grades, teachers or curricula. Students meet and work together on projects that will make them better programmers by discussing technical issues and writing code.

The school is free. Students are responsible for finding their own transportation and accommodations during the three months. In New York, that can be expensive. The grant money makes it possible for women with financial need to receive help. The grant is made possible by funding from Etsy.

Etsy was founded in 2005 and is located in Brooklyn, New York, with offices in California and Germany. It is a membership-based E-commerce company where producers of art, furniture, fashion, jewelry, home goods and bridal accessories display their goods for sale on the Internet. The purpose of the grant is to attract and develop female technical talent.

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