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Grants Help Vancouver Women In Need

Vancouver Women's Foundation
The Vancouver Women's Foundation offers one-time-only grants to deserving women who need help getting their lives back on track an moving forward to become self-sufficient and productive. They are emergency grants for women who find themselves in dire straits with nowhere else to turn.

The organization selects grant recipients who are trying hard to improve their situation but have reached a dead end. Whether it’s a lack of transportation to get to a job, needed health care that would enable them to work, help securing a place to live or seeking additional education,the organization is there to help.

While the foundation grant committee of nine women does not provide ongoing financial support, the committee carefully reviews the circumstances for each funding application. Grants are awarded to women who have taken the initiative to improve their lives but need one-time assistance to move forward.

The Vancouver Women’s Foundation was established in 2000 as a non-profit organization that supports the needs of women in Clark County, Washington. The organization’s purpose is to provide financial assistance to women in the community who have exhausted other means to accomplish self-sufficiency in their lives. The Foundation has provided financial assistance to over 440 women.

Funding by the organization includes grants college tuition and books, job training, clothing, utility and rent assistance, car repairs and insurance, transportation fees to escape abuse, and medical and dental bills. Grants will be awarded based on need and can range anywhere from $15 to $1800.

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