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Women Philanthropists Dedicated to Helping Women Owned Businesses

Pipeline Fellowship
Pipeline Fellowship is a group of dedicated women whose purpose is to support women-owned businesses. Their unique method is to create an organization of qualified women who want to be angel investors and train them to be successful in their role of finding capital for women entrepreneurs.

Pipeline Fellowship holds a bootcamp during which they train women philanthropists to become angel investors. The training includes education, mentoring and practice. The women are from a wide array of professional backgrounds but all have in common their passion for philanthropy and a desire to increase capital for women entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Women-led businesses have an opportunity to pitch their companies to the experienced angel investors in order to win capital for their businesses. Once the investors have awarded the money, they will continue to work with business owners to give them valuable business advice that will help them succeed.

Angel investors are looking for companies who not only have products that will sell and make a profit but the products also need to have a positive social impact. Women-owned business who apply for the money must meet three criteria: the business must be at least co-owned and co-founded by a woman, must be for-profit, and must have a commitment to social or environmental issues.

Women businesses who have presented at the annual Pitch Summit represent all kinds of businesses such as low-cost medical products, agriculture, water purification systems, organic foods, and more. One business will be chosen to receive a $50,000 investment.

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