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Women’s Business Development Center Encourages Women Entrepreneurs in Colorado

New funding is now available to women entrepreneurs in Boulder County, Colorado, thanks to Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC). Funding for this nonprofit organization comes from corporate sponsorships, private donations and public grants, making it possible for women-owned businesses and startup's to receive not only needed funding but also education, networks and resources.

The goal of Women’s Business Development Center is to increase opportunities for women-owned businesses in Colorado. The Center's affiliation with the Colorado Capital Partners Fund I nonprofit, as well as Catalyst Investment Group from London, allows the organization to offer financial assistance in the form of loans and grants.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau and National Center for Women's Business Research, women-owned businesses represented more than $37 billion in sales and more than 250,000 employees in Colorado in 2006, making up approximately 42 percent of private companies in the state. The Colorado Women's Business Development Center has plans to open additional centers in 2013 and eventually create an entire network of centers throughout the state.

WBDC is the only organization that focuses primarily on women entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs, and allows them to apply for loans or grants.

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