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Tips for Starting an Online Store

Tips for Starting an Online Store

As retail stores continue to make the transition to online retailers, there has been an explosive opportunity for smaller sellers to fill in the product gaps. Starting a home business to fill one of these gaps has never been easier. Here are some tips for starting an online store that will have you bringing in clients in no time.

Formulating a Plan

When starting any business, the first thing you need to do is establish what products and services you
want to offer. Choosing the right name can also help potential customers know what merchandise you will be carrying.

Drafting a business plan that defines objectives and sets goals can make it clear why you are starting a shop. Identifying potential customers and working to create a product that meets their needs will help get your new business started in the right direction.

Establishing a Presence

After deciding what your business will produce, the next step is to decide where you will host your business. The two most popular methods are creating an e-commerce website or opening a shop through a company that offers storefronts. When starting your website, you are responsible for building everything from the ground up, making sure that everything is up to date, and maintaining accurate inventory to avoid selling more products than you can produce. Other ways to ensure a successful launch include building out the non-commerce pages on your site, conducting extensive feature and bug testing, and laying the groundwork for SEO marketing.

Due to the time commitment and coding knowledge necessary to make a site work, many will instead choose to open a storefront on a website such as Etsy, eBay, or Amazon. While this method can help put your product in front of customers more easily, the company running the website will take a portion of the sale price of your items. That is why it’s important to keep production costs in mind when deciding on a price point. If you decide to go with an established website, be sure to explore all the available settings and options to make your store stand out from the crowd.

Growing the Customer Base

Growing a business from the ground up is a huge challenge for any startup. Because consumers often get product recommendations from friends and peers, world-class customer service can put your company a cut above the rest. Another way to grow your client list is to keep a constant stream of new content on your site to attract repeat visitors.

As your business continues to expand, the matter of inventory management becomes critical. The right third-party logistics company can help provide storage space for your inventory, predict areas for future growth, and help reduce shipping costs by keeping products closer to likely end destinations.

With so many paths available for creating your online business, it can be challenging to find your way. Following these tips for starting an online store can help make the process much easier.