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5 Incredible Scholarships for Performing Arts Students

Performing Arts Students

For many students, loans go hand-in-hand with pursuing a higher education. This is especially true for students striving for a degree within the arts. As the number of individuals taking out student loans increases, the need for grants and scholarships also grows.
Lessen the burden of student loans and apply to as many financial aid opportunities as possible. To get started, check out some of the outstanding scholarships for performing arts students below.

5 Incredible Performing Arts Scholarships:

  1. Educational Theatre Association Scholarships
    The Educational Theatre Association offers a variety of scholarships; there are ten different chances for students to apply for. From the International Thespian Officer’s Outstanding Student Achievement Scholarship to the Alan D. Engelsman and Penny Lu Engelsman Scholarship, high school students to college seniors can apply for the chance to receive funding.
  1. Against the Grain Artistic Scholarship
    This scholarship provides financial assistance for Asian-American college students pursuing a major in the performing arts. Not only do they help out underrepresented students, but Against the Grain also raises and donates close to $30,000 each year to orphanages in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Against the Grain will award one lucky student with $1,000 to help them achieve their dreams.
  1. Heroes and Legends Scholarship Fund
    Devoted to helping talented individuals reach their dreams, the Heroes and Legends Scholarship (HAL) aims to support gifted artists in whatever way possible. For over thirty years, HAL has awarded over seventy scholarships to young people who exhibit a tremendous amount of drive, talent, and determination. HAL hopes that the students they award today will become future heroes and legends who will support other performing arts students.
  1. Donna Reed Performing Arts Scholarship
    Since 1987, the Donna Reed Foundation has given money to deserving and hard-working students who wish to further their education in the performing arts. The mission of the program is to promote continued excellence in education and to inspire service and commitment to bettering the community.
  1. CBCF Spouses Performing Arts Scholarship
    Each year, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation awards more than 200 scholarships to students across the country. Their performing arts scholarship was created to ensure that Black students pursuing a degree in the performing arts would receive financial assistance. Applicants are encouraged to showcase their leadership and focus on representing and helping their community.
While there are many ways to save money for school, these scholarships for performing arts students offer a great deal of support.