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5 Travel Grants for Women

Black woman traveling

There’s something that’s incredibly freeing about journeying from your homeland to explore the rest of the world. Traveling may seem like a luxury, but it’s actually more accessible than you think.
Whether you hope to visit Alaska, Argentina, or Amsterdam, don’t let your funds deter you from visiting the many interesting places out there. You’ll be pleased to learn that there’s an extensive range of travel grants for women available, and we wanted to take the time to list a handful of them.

#1 - Women in Computing Grants

SIGHPC and ACM-W assist women students in attending the SC conference, which highlights engineering and scientific research, technological development, and more. If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student and a member of ACM, you’re encouraged to apply.

#2 - Collegiate Grants

There’s no doubt that there are numerous opportunities to travel as a college student. Why not take advantage of these amazing experiences during this exciting time in your life? Check out your  university’s study abroad programs or your graduate school’s fellowship grants.

Here are a few notable programs:
  • UCLA’s Center for the Study of Women offers grants funded through donations to assist students researching gender, sexuality, and women. The program provides travel expenses for academic and professional conference presentations.
  • Saint Mary’s College provides funding to women leaders who’d like to participate in international education and spread an intercultural understanding of women’s empowerment.
  • The University of Oregon provides small travel grants to applicants who wish to present papers related to women’s studies.

#3 - Global Fund for Women Travel Grants

The Global Fund for Women provides women-led organizations with event organizing and travel grants. This way, they’re able to attend regional, national, and international gatherings and strengthen women’s rights movements around the world. If your group focuses on gender equality and human rights, apply online for travel grants for women now. Grants are limited, so you’ll need to submit your proposal at least eight weeks before your conference.

#4 - Mathematics Education Research Travel Grants

If you’re a mathematician or researcher and are having difficulty finding funding for conferences or other events abroad, look no further. The Association for Women in Mathematics offers valuable opportunities to exceptional applicants. Their objective is to increase female visibility in the research community. To apply for the NSF-AWM program, you must provide a budget and a detailed research proposal. You’ll receive full or partial support for domestic or international travel from the National Science Foundation and the Association for Women in Mathematics.

#5 - National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) Grants

Are you a social activist? Whether you’re a student or a graduated scholar, you may qualify for funding. The National Women’s Studies Association gives accepted North American presenters need-based financial assistance for their travels. These grants are fueled by donations to the Association, which is committed to the distribution of knowledge about women through research, service, and teaching. Keep in mind that you must be a NWSA member to apply.