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Success Tips for Women in a Male-Dominated Workplace

Women in the workplace

What does it take to be a successful female in a male-dominated career? Even though women are about 47% of the workforce, it can still be intimidating to walk into the workplace and be one of few women. Whether you work for a rigging supply company or a Fortune 500 business, it’s important to figure out the best ways to become successful.
Here are our tips to stand out and find success as a woman in a male-dominated workplace:

• Cultivate Confidence
When you walk into the office, stand tall. Body language is important in showing coworkers that you have authority; status is nonverbally demonstrated through height and space. Women in a male-dominated workplace need to be aware of how they portray themselves—timidity doesn’t generate respect.

• Be Vocal!
In a meeting, try to say something to get used to being vocal. Saying anything at all will get you familiar with how to read the room. Remember to be direct. Don’t say sorry or qualify what you’re saying; you’re there for a reason and deserve to get your point across just as much as anyone else. Topline your information — longwinded explanations can lose the focus of others around you.

• Seize Opportunities
Take advantage of opportunities, even those that might come your way because of stereotypes; while they don’t come close to outweighing the difficulties, being a female in a male-dominated career can also have perks now and then. For example, consider a woman whose boss asks her to check and see how a new group of interns are feeling. He may ask this because he expects her, as a woman, to be more sensitive than her male counterparts. We could spend hours talking about that, but the fact remains that regardless of the reasons why, she now has an opportunity to demonstrate her abilities.

• Women’s Associations
Joining a women’s association allows for opportunities of camaraderie, mentorship, and networking. Talking with other women can also help you feel less alone in your journey; it gives you the important chance to support other women. These associations are also great ways to find a mentor to help you and refer you to different organizations.

• Long-Term Learning
Having pertinent facts and information at your fingertips is an incredible asset. It’s important to continue to learn, grow, and consciously set goals for yourself, progressing your educational knowledge. New information comes out constantly, so make sure you’re staying on top of it—this will keep you on top of your game.

• Get Out of the Office
Some of the best career opportunities come from interacting outside of the office. Don’t be afraid to socialize with coworkers when off the clock — it’s casual networking, and you get to know the people you work with.

It can be intimidating, but often the scary moments force us to be our most determined and strong-willed. If you walk into work and find that you’re one of few women in a male-dominated workplace, push your shoulders back and remember you’re there for a reason.