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A Brief List of Scholarships and Grants for Married Women

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For many married women, the thought of returning to school may seem a bit daunting—and the overly intricate application process makes it all the more intimidating. The good news is there are many college grants for married women that help reduce the cost of going back to school.
School-Exclusive Grants and Scholarships
Inquire with your prospective schools about the unique grants and scholarships that they offer, and determine if you’re eligible for any of them. Many colleges offer specific funding options for non-traditional students (adult learners, single parents, married students, etc.). Some school-exclusive scholarships even state specifically that they’re partial to such students, if not solely for them all together.

Private Organization Grants and Scholarships
Many employers and organizations offer tuition aid. Tuition reimbursement programs can vary, and it’s important you understand what each one offers. Consider reaching out to an accountant to help you understand what you’re getting into. Similar to this tax accountant in New York, many accounting agencies have helpful information on different types of reimbursement plans and how to utilize them. They may even be able to help you with educational tax deductions and credits, which can also help lower the cost of school.

Military Based Grants
There are a lot of scholarships and grants for married women whose spouse is actively serving in the military. One of the most popular programs is MyCAA (Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts). This program is for military spouses enrolled in degree, licensing, or credential studies within industries where they can easily move around and have no trouble finding a job.

Scholarships for Women Returning to School
Women are continuously repressed when it comes to education. There are many grants available designed to support them as they work on their degree and create equal footing for themselves in the world. Take the time to research the hundreds of non-traditional scholarships for women.

While these college grants for married women can’t take on responsibilities like maintaining the household or raising kids, they can help relieve the financial burden of going back to school. Make the impossible possible—apply for FASFA and these scholarships and grants for married women to create a brighter future for yourself and your family.