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Trump Approves $200 Million a Year For Technology Education Grants for Women and Minorities

Trump Approves $200 Million a Year For Technology Education Grants for Women and Minorities
A presidential approval of at least $200 million (could be more) per year has been signed by President Donald Trump for grant programs that will encourage women and minorities to enter STEM careers. One senior official said the funding has been approved "to encourage gender and racial diversity" in the lucrative STEM fields.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was given full responsibility to determine who receives the grants. The new grants will rely on existing Education Department funds with priority to be given to existing competitive grant programs that encourage women and minorities to participate in coding and other computer-based careers.

More money from private investments

At the same time, Ivanka Trump has been working with leaders of large corporations like Quicken Loans and General Motors for private donations geared toward increasing the number of underrepresented ethnic minorities, particularly minority women, into science and engineering careers. As a result, several large corporations have agreed to make substantial contributions to the effort over the next 5 years. The list includes:

  • Amazon - $50 million
  • Google - $50 million
  • Facebook - $50 million
  • Microsoft - $50 million
  • Salesforce - $50 million
  • Lockheed Martin - $25 million (to Code Quest, Girls Who Code, and Project Lead the Way)
  • General Motors - $10 million (to Code.Org, Girls Who Code, Digital Promise, FIRST Robotics, and the Society of Automotive Engineers)
  • Accenture - $10 million
  • Quicken Loans - financial resources for computer science education for 15,000 Detroit Public Schools students
  • Pluralsight - $10 million through Pluralsight One, a social-impact initiative in development

In addition, other private individuals and foundations have agreed to give $3 million to nonprofits focused on computer science education.

Read about other technology education efforts through the U.S. Department of Education by visiting