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Find Out How These Big Corporations Are Empowering Women Today

Find Out How These Big Corporations Are Empowering Women Today
Fortune 500 firms doing the most to raise women to prominent positions are significantly more profitable than average, according to Forbes. Big corporations understand that, by empowering women, they are also empowering a group that has a growing impact on the world economy. So, who are these big corporations, and what are they doing to empower women?

Big corporations that are empowering women

Walmart - has joined forces with eight other Fortune 500 companies, including Johnson & Johnson and General Mills, to source more business to female-owned enterprises.

Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple - have all committed to initiate programs that provide equal pay to women. Their goal is to achieve 100 percent equal pay for equal work going forward.

Chevron - the company’s award-winning The Chevron Way: Engineering Opportunities for Women initiative is among a series of internal programs designed to attract, develop, and advance women. Since the programs began, Chevron reports a significant rise in female hires and mid- to senior-level management positions for women.

Deloitte - consistently ranks among the top companies in the US for diversity. Deloitte promotes women into management 15 percent more than other big-name corporations.

Coca Cola - the company’s 5by20 initiative is working to close the gender gap in company salaries, opportunities, and professional roles. The project’s goal is to see 5 million women become self-supported by 2020.

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