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Women-Owned Electric Bicycle Shop Shocks the Industry

Riding a bicycle just got a little easier, thanks to Abby Simpson and Lee Ann McKay, owners of e-Bloom Electric Bicycles. The new electric bicycles look just like regular bicycles, except they offer a little more boost with added battery power.


The bicycle shop is located in Whitestown, IN, and owned and operated by local residents Lee Ann McKay and Abby Simpson. The bicycles have been a hit across all age groups, especially Baby Boomers who want to exercise but find riding a regular bike a bit difficult. The bikes are considered "pedal assist," which means you can use battery power to help you ride longer distances.

Riders have the choice of pedaling or not pedaling, although pedaling is much easier with the battery-powered boost. Riders of all ages will be able to climb tough hills and bike farther than ever before. People who ride, or want to ride, their bike to work can do so without ending up a hot, sweaty mess by the time they arrive.

In addition, the bicycles offer options, including mountain, leisure, and road bikes. Even cargo bikes are available for those who need a bike to haul goods and make deliveries.

No excuses!

The new electric bicycles offer little room for excuses as to why you can't ride a bike for exercise! "It’s just trying to get people back on bicycles again," explains McKay.

To learn more about e-Bloom Electric Bicycles, visit