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This Woman is the First Female President of NYC United Way

United Way may be an old organization, but it is one that changes with the time, and that includes appointing women as presidents. This woman was just named the first female president of United Way New York City.

United Way of New York City recently welcomed their first female President, Sheena Wright. Wright, a South Bronx native, and former CEO of Abyssinian Development Corporation, a non-profit organization whose goals is to “rebuild Harlem, brick by brick, block by block.” The mother of 4, who is also a law school graduate, knows how to get things done. Now she is using those skills to make a difference in the Big Apple.

United Way is well known as a long-standing, non-profit organization that was established in 1887 to help serve the needs of people across the country. Much of their survival is due to their ability to evolve with changing times. United Way of New York City has been around for 75 years, and in its history, this is the first time they have elected a woman as president.

Breaking barriers

Wright stresses the need for women to continue to break barriers in leadership positions across many sectors. She also feels that women are very good at "working together to accomplish goals," often without expecting or receiving any credit.

Advice to other women

"Be very clear about who you are and all of your strengths and attributes because society will tell you what you don’t have and what you can’t do."