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Florida Woman Makes $200 A Day Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests Online

A woman in Jacksonville, Florida, discovered a very unusual way to make money. She is selling her urine for $30 a pop to be used for a positive pregnancy test. The woman is 6 months pregnant, so pregnancy tests will come out positive. Someone who wants to use this information for whatever reason can get it for just $30.

Here's how it works

The unidentified woman posts on Craigslist: “Very self explanatory I am going on 6 months. Whether you are using it for your own amusement such as a prank, or to blackmail the CEO of Apple who you are having an affair with, I don’t care at all.” She then meets with clients who bring a pregnancy test kit with them. Using her own urine, the results are of course positive, and this is what she sells to clients.

A local news agency contacted her undercover and discovered that what the woman was advertising on Craigslist is exactly what she delivers; a positive pregnancy test.

Is it illegal?

No! There is no law against selling urine on Craigslist or any other way. What clients do with the positive pregnancy test is not something she concerns herself with. She is not breaking any laws.

Why is she doing it? She is 6 months pregnant, and in college working on her bachelor's degree, so she needs the money to pay for her education. She had no idea how much interest would be generated when did her first posting on Craigslist. As she stated, "the money just started flowing in."

What do you think? Do you believe she is breaking any laws, or just being clever enough to have found an unusual way to make money?

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